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Gas shortages at some US stations: Live updates

Gas shortages at some US stations: Live updates
A QuickTrip connivence store has bags on their pumps as the station has no gas on Tuesday, May 11, in Kennesaw, Georgia. Mike Stewart/AP

Some gas stations are being overwhelmed by intense demand for fuel following the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, an industry trade group told CNN Business on Wednesday. 

“Demand has been two to four times normal in many markets and the system, even when it isn’t stressed, can’t support that,” Jeff Lenard, vice president of strategic industry initiatives at NACS, the leading trade group for convenience and fuel retailing, said in an email.

Lenard said the association has heard from retailers there are “definitely issues keeping ‘wet’” and called out images on social media showing people filling up not just their vehicles but any container available.

“That is a big problem,” he said. “Not only does that take away from fuel from those who need it, it also creates concern over transport and storage, wherever they are going. Just because you have something with a lid doesn’t mean you need to fill it with fuel.”

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